Alainid is a winning service design concept 'to provide a hasslefree way to start a company and manage its operations'.

In autumn 2014, I participated in the OpenFin Hack&Ideathon, which was an open innovation challenge to create future financial services, powered by OP Bank and Futurice. During the hackathon, my team settled on the idea of building a service that not only helps entrepreneurs start a company, but also help them maintain its operations.

Business model canvas for Alainid

We began by bringing a little clarity into the idea and by making the business model canvas. We decided that we would begin by making a responsive website for mobile so that we could include all the crucial elements in its design, while leaving out the unnecessary. A website also made sense as the first step because who would be starting a company on the street using their mobile phone anyways? However, in the 2nd stage we also decided to develop a mobile application so that users could access day to day data about their company. We had also discussed from the beginning that our concept must follow the 'why-how-what' procedure; and that we would present the concept as a story. Why show a presentation when you could tell a story?

This was followed by making the pitch presentation. Since we wanted to make the presentation playful, we decided to draw the screens and then scan them to make the presentation.

Keywords: Service design, problem solving, value proposition, business model canvas, book keeping, accounts, entrepreneurs, power of attorney, wireframes