Vantaankoski Innovation Hub

Vantaankoski Innovation Hub

An innovation hub where physical place-making meets digital services

Proximity is everything. Today’s workers want to be in urban, walkable, bikeable and hypercaffeinated spaces where they can bump into other workers to share ideas; and firms want to be in close contact with universities, research labs and start-ups in collaborative spaces to convert smart ideas into smart products for the market.

‘Vantaankoski Innovation Hub’ is a state of the art business district located in Vantaa, that combines the above mentioned trends, the existing capabilities of businesses within the campus and the future needs of Vantaankoski business ecosystem. The proposal involves designing the business campus, creating a business ecosystem, building a brand identity for Vantaankoski and creating a digital application that efficiently brings it all together. The solution ‘enables interactions that facilitate innovation’, ‘facilitates business growth’ and ‘ensures that the current infrastructure and business expertise within the campus are utilised optimally’.

In order to showcase the ecosystem we (Ali Akbar Mehta, Leyla Nasib and myself) created, we created user personas, customer journey maps to show a typical day they would spend in Vantaankoski in the future, a draft urban masterplan for the area, phases of development plan, visual rendering of how the area might look like and a video that detailed out the concept.

User personas and customer journey maps

Phases of development

Every urban development proposal should reflect financial viability. In order to address this, we created guideline that would showcase how the area could be developed.

Visual renderings of Vantaankoski Innovation Hub

To sum up, the campus has been designed to appeal to the five senses, creating services that operate digitally, but are experienced physically. This makes Vantaankoski Innovation Hub the first of its kind business campus that combines urban design and digital applications to convert it into a thriving, sustainable and people-friendly campus.

Keywords: Service design, strategy, urban design, urban planning, Finland, Vantaa, urban development, customer journey, a day in Vantaankoski, user persona