Concept design for Kutsuplus

Concept design for Kutsuplus

Concept design for Kutsuplus to make its online booking system more user-friendly.

Kutsuplus is an on-demand bus service offering tailor made rides in Helsinki. This small project started when I was conducting user studies for a previous project (Kaikki). While using Kutsuplus I found that the booking system was quite confusing, long and unnecesarily cumbersome. However, once the order was placed the bus arrived in the stipulated time, which was pretty good. Therefore, I wanted to change the first touchpoint where the user interacts with the service, and redesigned the service for iOS so that it would be more user-friendly and easy to book. I began the process by making a mind map to understand Kutsuplus's service.

A mind map to understand the service experience of Kutsuplus, its users, user profiles and use case scenarios
  1. Change in the home page: The existing home page predominantly gives options to sign up or log in. I started out by introducing a booking option using SMS, because it makes it convenient for one time users without the need to sign up. Additionally, I simplified the instructions and placed them on top as a 4-point carousel for orienting the first-time user of the service.
Screen set 1: Existing and redesigned home screen of Kutsuplus
  1. Change in the log in page: The existing log in page for Kutsuplus does not allow booking using SMS; and the method to access previous trips or contacts or other information is by scrolling down. I redesigned the screens to allow booking by SMS and created a sidebar from where all the information about the service could be made available.
Screen set 2: Existing log in screen and redesigned log in screen and side bar
  1. Change in navigation: I redesigned the navigation to be more interactive with the options of 'favourites' and 'home' on the screen, along with the map. I also modified the design so that a user can edit the origin and destination even while deciding on a method to pay (check out the screens in screen set 4 for details).
Screen set 3: Existing navigation screen and redesigned navigation and favourites screen
  1. Change in the payment system: The existing system supports payment by only the trip wallet and SMS. A user would anyways transfer money from the bank account into the trip wallet, to pay using the trip wallet. For one time and occasional users, this process can be cumbersome. I simplified the payment system by providing 4 options to directly pay by using a bank account, credit card, SMS and the trip wallet.
Screen set 4: Existing payment screen and redesigned payment, notification and options screen

This was followed by designing screens for iPad so that all the options in Kutsuplus could be visible to the user.

iPad screen showing the map, and user and booking details

Keywords: Service design, Kutsuplus, taxi sharing, problem solving, user scenarios, user profiles, navigation, payment, mind map, mobile screens, ipad screen, UX design