Hi, I’m 24 years old, born and raised Helsinki. I’m currently in my final year studying Sports and Health Promotion at Arcada (UAS). In addition to the studies I work as a personal trainer and indoor cycling instructor (spinning). I’m also a certified swimming instructor. My native language is Swedish but I am fluent in both Finnish and English. Since my childhood, I've always liked being physically active and loved to get some exercise. Team sports such as floorball and football were among my favorite hobbies as a child. After completing military service in 2009, I began to experience an increased interest in working out, running and healthy living habits. Thereafter, my interest has only expanded day by day. I have noticed that a suitable amount of exercise, a healthy diet and enough rest results in more strength and energy in everyday life. Furthermore, it makes me feel good.

Currently my own training focuses mostly on gym training and spinning. It is not always the world's easiest thing to get a grip and pull yourself together and head for the gym. And once I get there, I don't regret it for a second. And the best part is definitely the feeling of well-being after a completed workout. It feels absolutely amazing! I want you to be able to witness this very experience, and not just a few times. I want to make it become a part of your everyday life. And when you feel good inside, it shows on the outside and it will affect those around you as well!

I am myself interested in news, new trends and researches made in the sports and health industry. I strive every week to learn something new and become a better personal trainer day by day. This is an industry that is rapidly growing and in constant change. I personally believe that you can never be fully learned - there's always something new you can learn or see things from a different perspective. As a Personal Trainer I’m motivating and supporting. I’m the one who pushes you a little bit harder when it’s needed. I also have a clear and realistic view on the goals and expectations we set up for you. Your time with me is not supposed to be a temporary change in your lifestyle or your diet. What I strive for is to “make haste slowly”, making step by step changes which slowly will lead to a permanent change in your lifestyle.



  • Sports Instructor (UAS), Arcada, 2015
  • FISAF Personal Trainer, 2014
  • FISAF/Europe Active (EA) Nutrition Education, 2014
  • IISEE Pro Indoor Cycling Instructor, 2013
  • SUH/FSL Swimming Instructor Course, 2013