SHAPE – Shaping Markets for Sustainability

Dec 2012

SHAPE­­­­–Shaping Markets for Sustainability project is financed by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, as part of its Green Growth programme.

The aim of the SHAPE project is to innovate and co-create solutions enabling businesses towards sustainable future and to create foundation for the development of new value networks based on green growth.

Businesses have an important role within societies as change agents for sustainability. The project deploys human centred research methods which businesses can make use of in order to understand and shape markets for sustainability. Interaction between consumers and businesses allows businesses to co-create and communicate with consumers to speed up the necessary short-term developments of markets for sustainability, in alignment with long-term environmental trends. The systemic innovations support businesses to approach a vast number of consumers in economically viable ways.

The SHAPE project collaborates with different industrial sectors and a number of representative consumers as actor-promoters for sustainability. Five research institutes belong to the multidisciplinary consortium: Aalto University, Demos Helsinki, Helsinki University, MTT Agrifood Research Finland and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Shape Meal case study focuses on food sustainability communication in lunch restaurants situated in schools, hospitals and working places.