Pirjetta Atva

Pirjetta Atva lives and works in Helsinki. She is working on her doctoral studies at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in the department of Media.

The thesis "How does safety look like?" examines the concept of safety and the visuality of safety and safety instructions.

Pirjetta has worked with product information, when it was important to have a lot of substance, lots of rules and scarcity was desirable. She has also worked in advertising, marketing, and with animation when it was important to have an entertaining, creative and generous impact and abundance was desirable.

She is interested in people's perceptions of safety and how people give the value to the pictures. Some people appreciate pictures, which are rich in detail and precision. Some people appreciate images, which give them a personal experience, are entertaining and sweep. It is interesting that even though one does not appreciate the other images at all, the picture affects him and may be affect one's behavior. This is utilized in this study, with safety instructions.