Markus Joutsela

Markus Joutsela (Doctoral candidate / Lecturer) is big fan of responsible and clever packaging design and has been involved with packaging as a practicing designer, researcher and design teacher. Currently he works on his doctoral dissertation about ”Conveying Sustainabilty through Packaging Design” as well as work as a researcher in LOHASPACK (2011-2014) project funded by Tekes and 15 Finnish companies.

Apart from doing design research with packaging, his aim is also to develop and contribute to the packaging design education in Aalto. Joutsela has developed and managed the interdisciplinary PACK-AGE project, which is jointly taught by 6 teachers from 4 different schools, focusing on project-based-learning involving real packing design challenges from the industry. He is also teaching packaging design basics for graphic designers at the department of Media.


+358 50 409 4405