Marja Seliger

Marja Seliger, professor in graphic design research, examines the modes and functions of graphic design and visual languages in societies. In her doctoral dissertation she researched visual rhetoric in outdoor advertising and using visual ethnographic methods and semiotic analyses. The taxonomy of visual rhetoric in advertising was the major outcome. Marja Seliger continues to investigate visual communication design in urban environments and in media. The SHAPE project aims to find best practices to use information design techniques to communicate and advocate sustainable behaviour.
Marja Seliger graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki (Aalto University) as a graphic designer. She has an extensive working experience including seven years abroad. She was employed by the United Nations Development Programme in Caribbean and in Africa as a graphic design and production expert. In Finland she worked for book and magazine publishers, e.g. leading the graphic design department in Edita Ltd in 1990s. Since 2001 Marja Seliger has worked as a graphic design professor and researcher at the University of Lapland and Aalto University. 


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