Harri Heikkilä

Harri Heikkilä (Doctoral candidate / Researcher / Lecturer) did not understand why there was not such thing as a user in graphic design. Journey of re-introducing user centric design (UCD) in graphic design has led to expertise in usability of typography and in UX-design as well as design on interactivity. 

Harri´s background is in graphic design, he has worked as full-time professional for over 25 years, starting at the time of repro cameras, rubber-gum and cicero-scales and moved to world of DTP at 1989. He has graduated both from Helsingin Yliopisto (Sociology and Communications) and University of Industrial Arts (Graphic design).

Harri has always been interested in interfaces.  He has parallel mission of opening doors of UCD and interactivity design in graphic design: getting engineers understand importance of graphic design in software design and necessity of ditching the era of ubiquity of frustrating, unhelpful software interfaces. IT-culture has developed to the phase, where good aesthetics and UX are much more important prerequisite for success that was the case in 90´s.

Harri has managed to combine these two approaches within recent development of new publication culture in novel paradigm of touch screen devices. Has has acted as a consultant and researcher in the Next Media project (2010-2014) which aims to facilitate the move of Finnish media to next phase of digitalization. Harri has developed ground breaking heuristic evaluation model for design of tablet publications, practiced agile development within several big tablet publication projects in major Finnish media houses, analyzed optimal workflows in dynamic cross media,  published papers of good practices in eBook design, researched and developed concept of social reading within libraries and delved to difficulties and possibilities of different publication techniques in tablets and mobile devices. 

These research papers are the base of Harri´s forthcoming dissertation with the working title “Grave of Gutenberg”


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