Arja Karhumaa

Arja Karhumaa is a graphic designer first and foremost. Having switched her focus into academia after years of design work both in agencies as well as an entrepreneur, her main interest at the moment is graphic design criticism through writing, research and education, and pushing the boundaries of those to find new modes of critical design practice. Currently she is Lecturer in Graphic Design at Aalto University School of Art and Design in Helsinki. She is also working on her doctoral studies at the same university. Her DA thesis examines graphic design as a form of writing. A former board member of the Grafia association of visual design professionals, Karhumaa is now part of the editorial board and a regular contributor to Grafia magazine. She has participated in several design competition juries, including European Design Awards as well as the national Best of the Year Competition in finland. In her own design practice she is mainly concentrating on publications and books. Forever a book lover, she is not only interested in book design but also investigate how language and graphic design intertwine.