Helsinki Photomedia 2014

Mar 2014

Helsinki Photomedia 2014

March 26, 2014 – March 28, 2014

The second international photography research conference:

The program:



In our world images embody power in multiple ways. Sciences need images in order to visualize their results and in order to envision new aims. Institutions need images in order to make themselves effective. Individuals need images in order to shape their identities. Imagination needs and produces images, and so do the arts. History needs images.

Power can be restrictive or productive, personalized or impersonal. It can be inherent to the images or related to the context. Power relations can be built up and worked against with images. Images can humiliate and empower. Power has many names: force, capacity, ability...

The power of images can be both imaginary and symbolic. It can be transformative and conservative, emancipatory and suppressive, subversive and destructive.

Power is inscribed in technologies, practices and discourses of photography in many ways. Photographic powers have their past, presence and future. They have their visible and invisible forms. 

Photography research is inevitably involved in shaping the photographic powers, often without noticing or admitting it. Helsinki Photomedia 2014 will take up the multifaceted question concerning the photographic powers by focusing on topics including (but not limited to):

• Productive forms of power in contemporary photographic culture

• Power of imagination in photography

• Power of knowledge production in photography research

• Theories of power as regards photographic images

• Empowering forms of photography