Graphic Design Research, Department of Media

Aalto address
PO Box 16500
FI-00076 Aalto

Street address
Miestentie 3
02150 Espoo

Marja Seliger
Professor of Graphic Design Research
+358 50 569 9431

Research Institute

Research Director Päivi Hovi-Wasastjerna
Head of the Aalto University Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture
Strategic planning, domestic and international contacts
+358 50 3684168

Research Coordinator Pia Sivenius
Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme in Art and Design Doctoral studies
Reporting research, Research Database Reseda
+ 358 50 5482974

Research Coordinator Taru Henriksson
Doctoral studies application process
Visiting Researcher application process, researcher mobility, communications, events and statistics
Key user for Research Institute blog
+358 50 5289081

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