Graphic Design Research group are researchers and doctoral students, whose research interests focus on visual communication design in societies and media. Research topics include information design, visual narratives, design processes, emerging practices and techniques in creative industries. These topics are investigated from the sites of artefacts, production and reception.

Research on communication artefacts explores visualization methods, representations and visual languages used to disseminate facts and fiction. Information design research aims to find best practices to make conceptual information understandable for various audiences. Research on visual narratives investigates cultural, aesthetic and rhetoric aspects in multimodal media, brand identities and environments. Research on design processes and emerging practices focuses on the development of creative industries, including the impact of digital techniques and media convergence on design.

Graphic design research projects combine design education and research within Aalto University and also internationally. On-going research projects are co-creative and multidisciplinary as carried out in collaboration with other research institutes and firms, both the private and public sector.